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Trusted by the most discerning clients since 1982, CyberTouch specializes in superior touch solutions for high-end designs. Clients such as Google, Tesla, Nike, NASA, Microsoft, and Northrop Grumman have all trusted the engineers and designers at CyberTouch to develop custom touch solutions that are unavailable anywhere else in the market.

Model: Moto 84" 4K PCAP

CyberTouch's Moto line of custom multi-touch tables are Touch Engines - a solution for multitouch table integration designed to be placed inside of custom millwork.
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Corporate Training Facility- New York City
Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Corporate Training Facility- New York City

When one of the world’s largest active-wear brands began the process of building a new corporate training center in the heart of New York City, designers developed a highly technological space- using the latest and greatest products, including eight CyberTouch multi-touch Photon Frames. The Photon Frames were placed in front of two 86” monitors placed side-by-side to form a 113” diagonal, but not without strategic planning.  This project began three years prior to installation, when architects approached CyberTouch to design a custom solution for the supplied monitors. Once in production, manufacturing time was about 8-10 weeks - which includes integrating the 0.250” safety glass with advanced infrared sensors all enclosed in an aluminum bezel, custom powder coated gray to meet customer specifications. Once the products were completed, tested and crated -  a logistics company with a designated air-ride transportation loaded the Photon Frames for the long haul to New York City. As soon as the Photon Frames reached the state of New York City, they were unloaded and split into smaller trucks for easier transportation and unloading in New York City’s busy streets. The Photon Frames arrived in mint condition to the client and awaiting CyberTouch technicians and engineers for proper installation.


About CyberTouch:


Located in Southern California, CyberTouch harnesses the integration and performance advantages of infrared, projected-capacitive and resistive touch technologies. CyberTouch designs, engineers and fabricates the most innovative and advanced multitouch solutions. Over the past 35 years’ clients such as NASA, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Mercedes Benz, and Northrop Grumman have all trusted CyberTouch for their the most demanding environments.



For more information, visit or contact Abraham Gohari, Director of Engineering, Sales at: or call (805) 499-5000 x 4140.