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TransForm N - Getting Started

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TransForm N - Getting Started

Event Information

This eLearning introduces the TransForm N system, provides guidance through the processes involved when installing the central server, and shows the expected results.

Course description

This e-learning course is designed to introduce students to the TransForm N system, Central server, and core functionality. It is also designed to familiarize students with how to access the published technical material and software, and provide direction for the installation of core components.

This e-learning prepares students to take the TransForm N Certified Specialist course as well as provide refresher training for certified engineers.


Basic Windows operating system knowledge

Basic networking knowledge

Target audience

This training is intended to Barco service engineers and external Service Partners who subscribed to a certified training which includes TransForm N and CMS. 


At the end of the session the attendee will have a general understanding of:

The TransForm N system

CMS Central Server

Installing the Linux CMS Central Server

TransForm N training and support materials


about half a day



Spoken language



No certification