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Crestron Fundamentals Commercial (CTI-CFC) - Interactive Online Training

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Crestron Fundamentals Commercial (CTI-CFC) - Interactive Online Training

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Dealers will develop a deeper understanding of Crestron Small System product lines and corresponding accessories. Small System product lines include Crestron Flex, DM Lite and .AV Framework on hardware such as DMPS3 and VC-4 as well as many others. Each student will be using “real world” standards and practices. The student is challenged to design, configure and troubleshoot systems and diagnose issues quickly using available resources and tools. At the completion of this course, the student has a fundamental knowledge of Crestron Commercial Systems to bring them positive and decisive results.


After successful completion of this class, you will be able to:

Configure, commission, and maintain the Crestron Commercial Small System Product lines and their accessories.

Understand Crestron Flex using B-Series Soundbar and M-Series addressing Unified Communication needs with seamless integration with MS Teams and Zoom applications.

Understand DMPS Lite and DM Lite using existing infrastructure and simple web configuration. Allowing system to operate using features like auto-routing of sources and display control.

Understand .AV Framework using DMPS3, RMC3 and VC-4 products as well as many other to set up any space quickly, affordably, and completely–scheduling, signage, wired and wireless presentation capability–with just a web browser.

Understand how components communicate with each other including wired and wireless.

Understand basic commissioning and system terminology.

Configure systems using various tools such as browser and the individual products themselves.



This course is generally for people new to Crestron. Note that existing Dealers may take the course as they may have interest in products they have not worked with before and would like to grow their business.



Students must bring a working laptop working microphone, web browser installed, and ZOOM Application downloaded preferred.

Internet Access

An external mouse is recommended.

Notepad or Wordpad

Pen and paper for notes and design sketches.



Interactive Online Instructor-led Training

*Upon confirmation, you will receive a meeting invitation for the class date and time in the timezone you have selected.*



1 day



Web Browser

Zoom application preferred

*This training requires you to be equipped with a microphone or use of dial in service, as this is an interactive class.*