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Crestron Network Solutions - Design (CNS-D) Interactive Online Training

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Crestron Network Solutions - Design (CNS-D) Interactive Online Training

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This is an introductory course into the world of networking. Topics covered include networking components, switch specifications, network topologies, and configurations.

This 1-day course will serve as the introduction into the world of network design. This course will take a hands on approach to designing A/V ready networks. More A/V technologies are being made to join the modern day network, but how do these technologies impact the network? Learn about topics such as networking components, component specifications, network topologies and how A/V impacts IT. We will cover Crestron and A/V technology requirements for the modern day network and how you can get your start to designing A/V ready networks for success.

After successful completion of this class, you will understand:

  • Network components (hardware)
  • Network Topologies
  • Network Configurations
  • Crestron on the network
  • Basics of network designs



No prerequisite.



Instructor led (Virtual)

*Upon confirmation, you will receive a meeting invitation for the class date and time in the timezone you have selected.*



1 day



This training requires you to be equipped with a microphone or use of dial in service, as this is an interactive class.